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From: LP12
do you recall the pride of Britun when the cough,. vaccine was rushed out to corner the market. Boris Johnson

and Matt Letissier [Handcock, surely? ed] were bursting, absolutely bursting with pride. Of Course Letiisier had shares in a Porten Down vaccine research an stuff company so he was especially thrilled. Funny nothing has ever really been said about that, particularly as the man who eventually took his boss' place, Rudyard Suckneck himself made a wad investing into a pharmaceutical giant that was, Moderna I think.
Anyway, it was great. Britun as leading the world in death drops [life-saving medical intervention compulsory vaccines, surely? ed]. That was until people started keeling ova with all sorts of funny problems.
Letissier said everything was fine, there was nothing to see and no reason to get alarmed, people dropped dead all the time after being forced to take wildly untested cough formulas, how was this any different the former Southampton and English midfield player argued, from the house of conmen front bench, just next to the dugout of ..

continues for all the time

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