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From: LP12
They're not passing it on, fuel, energy costs. In fact they are bankrolling corporations by paying out

their demands!! Taking tax payers money to spend on paying the inflated made up mickey mouse prices.

They are making food scare, fewer cow fart going to save planet (I am not making this up no - drive at 20mph in 2nd gear for miles and miles and miles is also good for planet apparently.

Cat food. Prices have come down a bit, but energy costs are just a total fukcing joke, and it's all about the great reset bolox. Baker's bill goes from 2k a month to 12k a month, in a country with Nuclear reactors!!!!!!! How can anyone have any confidence at all in these jokers and thieves. i just do not understand how you and hampster seem to think they are the good guys and we talk bolox. How much evidence do you need !!? the same comedians ruining lives now are the same ones who ruined lives since 2020, and going forward would very much like to carry on doing the same. If you've got 200k a year to burn fine, but most people get by on a lot less, and are tired of being butt fukced by fukcing here today gone tomorrow gobshyte stool pidgeons (sahawi, sabis javid, Hancock, johnson, blair, truss. And those still in their posts, van der british leyland, the idiot in canada, that idiot in holland, that idiot in the EU with the middle parting who wants us to bomb russia, Joe fking biden and his team of hateful useless woketard asswipes.
You and Hampster think these jokers are to be trusted, listened to, believed! You're living in a total dream world.

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