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From: LP12
Talking to Mike's cleaner today. She's double jabbed .. like Mike, but that was voluntary for him I pushed

him round the gym, "when are you having your jab then?!"). All the cleaners had to be jabbed or no work. I had to Mike to sign a form saying 'if Jim kills you you're ok with that, sign here'.

If we were murdering heathen savages we might say, 'firing squads needed for sure but we won't hold our breath.' As it is, seeing as we're not, I think quite a few people should be humanely gassed and/or hung (but I won't hold my breath). I can't see anyone even doing time never mind being gassed!

'Lessons will (not) be learnt', and that'll be about the end of it.

Alt. News. bringing you the alternative news since March 2023.
By our hanging gas chamber reporter, Leon Noose. Additional reporting, Cyan-Ide Gas.

As more staff from the Daily Mail, the BBC, ITV, and Sky News were led to the gallows someone from the crowd called out, 'Assholes'. Holly Willowwas, visibly shaking and in tears appeared to soil herself. Her complotist accomplice, Philip Schobarn fell to his knees, crying, he was sorry for all the upset, before being driven by rifle butts up onto the gallows. Lorraine Carkey called for her god and her agent to intervene.

Meanwhile in the busy gas chamber area Dr Hilary Clinton was the first to refuse to get in. "I'm a doctor doncha know" he shouted, "and an expert!". Again the rifle butts rained down and again the celebrity was driven to his/her early but very deserved death. Behind, Matt Hancock, naked, his flanks smeared with grease and polystyrene ran through the area on fire. Boris Johnson, both arms removed and his mouth sewn to his ear was led by two executioners to the chamber, joining the burning Hancock and Dr Clinton and his own wife as well as her interior decorator ...

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