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From: LP12
I should clarify, assume we are both 75+ in above scenario. You didn't die because you didn't catch it

when it came out, maybe you didn't get it until they relased the vaccine. Same for hampster.
I'm not saying vaccine not ok for those who need it
I am saying not ok to force everyone to take the fking thing
I am saying if we were 75+ years old, at death's door with divoc in a hospital in late 2020, really struggling to breath, and they said, "Jim, Dennis, do you guys just wanna carry on as you are, maybe we'll put you on one o' them lil' ol' ventilators ova theyur ... or d'y'all want some o' that theyre' Eye Vur Meyk tin?"

We'd be like, give, give, give.

Lockdows, not needed.
throwing stratergy out window at start of pandemic, not needed
wearing masks everywhere, not needed
vaccinating everyone, not needed

And just because people (you, Hampster) will say, 'oh hell it's all in the past now anyway, move on already!' does not make it alright.,. otherwise, I want some free money. I don't want to pay any more taxes, I want money, I want an easy life, I don't want any bother or stress. I want everything sorted out, because, hey, everything is free, and easy.

Meanwhile, up an hour and a half, 2nd cup of coffee, and no cigarette.

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