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From: LP12
Mixed thoughts on this. 62 is a bit too young, but the real problem is people going even younger than that

who're on 'special' regimes. (summat like that) SNCF being one. All the political class, the armed services, police, education, gov pen pushers local and national level. Generally you work for government in any kind of management (mid and upper), c'est le bonheure!
Instead of tackling that (which is admittedly fewer people than rest of workforce) they kick the arse of dustmen, secretaires, car workers, delivery drivers, people who earn the minimum wage - take home about 1,200 a month.
All the tw@ts kicking back at 52, 54 and 55, on 3K a month for the next thirty years swanning around in camping cars, no we won't touch them as they are 'special'.
"All for one and one for all", "liberty, fraternaty, egality" ,. for the birds, does not exist, load of bolox.
Huge number of over paid arrogent privalidged dopes lording it over everyone else (see the jokers who work for the council that tell me and others in the zone the colour I must paint my house, the size my velux must be, the type of windows I may put it, .. if I scrape enough on bended knee for details) do fukc all useful, and still retire early, on 80% of their final salaries!

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